Protect your home during fireworks season

We know building your home with Green Homes NZ is a real blast but make sure you do all you can to protect it, 
and your family during Guy Fawkes! Check out our article on how to keep safe during fireworks season.
Remember to keep your pets inside and supervise children at all times!
Used unsafely, fireworks can cause devastating fires. Follow these hacks to reduce the risk of starting a fire
when u
sing fireworks:

Prevent the worst from happening

Refrain from lighting fireworks in windy or dry conditions. 
Cover any potentially flammable outdoor furniture and umbrellas or dry piles of foliage from your weekend gardening.
Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any fireworks.
Light your fireworks in a wide-open area, away from anything that could catch fire, like dry grass, leaves or crops,
or flammable gases or liquids.
Keep a bucket of water, hose or fire extinguisher handy.

Light fireworks safely

Only adults should light fireworks.
Keep all unlit fireworks in their box or bag until you’re ready to light them.
Point fireworks at the stars, not at people or anyone’s home.
Leave dud or damaged fireworks alone.

Be considerate with fireworks

Do not use fireworks after 10.30pm, and communicate openly with your neighbours if you’re concerned about
any risky behaviour.

If you’re in a rural area, make sure you do not set off fireworks anywhere near farm animals.
Keep a First Aid kit handy. If you do get burned, hold your burn under cold running water for 20 minutes and then
add aloe vera gel to the wound.
With serious fires call the Fire Brigade on 111 and seek medical assistance if burns are severe.