Meet your local design & build experts, the latest additions to our Green Homes Auckland team.

We think it’s a fine time to start introducing you to our fabulous Green Homes New Zealand teams. First cab off the rank, or should we say first brick in the wall, is Auckland’s brand new team of experienced industry experts, two stellar team members, Rodger Scott and Bruce Schultze, coming on board over the last two months.

Rodger Scott

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Rodger Scott to the Green Homes New Zealand family as General Manager, Auckland. Rodger brings to Green Homes a wealth of knowledge and experience from 38 years in the industry. He is also very well decorated from being a critical part of his previous team’s award wins, so no pressure Rodger! 

Cutting his teeth as a building apprentice straight out of school, followed by a decade being self-employed as a builder, Rodger has subsequently engaged in scaffolding and both residential and light commercial construction, managing both residential building and scaffolding firms and further expanding his experiences within the building industry. With breadth and depth of industry experience, Rodger is also very well versed in managing and running a business with experience across all areas of general management, project management, HR, sales and marketing. Rodgers passion sits with people, contracts and ensuring a once in a lifetime experience for clients (and handing over that new key). 

Q&A with Rodger

What attracted you to Green Homes? 

To be aligned with a brand that practises environmentally friendly building methodologies, and the opportunity to work with, and to learn from the Watts and Hughes team (parent company).

What can we find you doing outside of work? 

Mucking in on our lifestyle block, hunting, fishing but most importantly, spending time with family and all the other people that mean something in my life.

In your opinion, what is the best building/industry trend or innovation? 

All the new recycled building products and embodied carbon calculation in new home construction, our industry will improve!

Dream holiday destination? 

The Greek Islands, I could walk around for days admiring the architecture alone.

Favourite thing about the industry/your work? 

The creativity in general,  being invited to be involved with clients building adventures, And being part of the positive healthy impact a new home built right has on people’s lives.

What gets you out of bed each day? 

The Green Homes team, I love seeing people rise to their challenges, live, learn and become professionals in their own right, being part of their career and personal development is my reward.

What is one thing you want Green Homes readers to know about you? 

Supporting people and being truthful are the two most rewarding things anyone can do in their lives, and what you’ll get from me.


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Bruce Schultze

Another recent addition to the team, Bruce Schultze is welcomed on board as New Home Consultant for Green Homes Auckland. Bruce brings with him over 25 years real estate experience with an additional seven specialising in new home sales, including design & build projects. His knowledge of not only new homes and the building process, but also the property market makes him a fantastic go-to contact for buyers. This man knows homes like the back of his hand.

As a highly experienced and specialised consultant, Bruce will make planning your dream home a relaxed and enjoyable process, all while offering invaluable guidance to ensure you are future proofing your home and avoiding costly mistakes.

Bruce also has a heart of gold and lends a hand to coach sports teams and volunteers in fundraising work for charities like Child Cancer Foundation & Hospice. Good on you Bruce it’s an honour to have you on the team. 

Q&A with Bruce

What attracted you to Green Homes? 

I like the idea of creating a quality, warm comfortable home with future proof thinking.

What can we find you doing outside of work? 

Besides the list of chores my wife gives me, I am a kiwi sports fan, a bad gardener and someone who loves to be by the beach.

In your opinion, what is the best building/industry trend or innovation? 

I feel making a home that is warm, comfortable and especially healthy for the whole family and utilising technology to save ongoing costs.

Dream holiday destination? 

Definitely the beach and snorkling but love Europe and all its history, turkey is my favourite.

Favourite thing about the industry/your work? 

I love creating a plan together with clients that meets all their needs and seeing them satisfied.

What is one thing you want Green Homes readers to know about you? 

The thing I enjoy the most is trying my best to get the best result for my clients and putting their dreams in place.


Thanks Bruce, it’s our pleasure to have you with Green Homes!

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