Knock Down & Rebuild

Never has there been a better time to repurpose your “quarter acre section” and build a sustainable home for your future.

The Auckland Unitary plan has opened up more opportunities when it comes to subdividing and building on your land. Building a new home for you and your family, achieving financial security, paying off your mortgage sooner, or simply helping your children into their own home, this is now possible.

Green Homes, New Zealand’s only internationally compliant residential building company for Energy Management (ISO 50001), specialises in upcycling suitable residential sections into multi-unit developments. These properties not only provide an excellent return on investment but are environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike many other building companies active in this space, Green Homes believes that every project should be planned and designed to optimise each site, location and local demographic. We are proud of our commitment to planning, designing and building energy efficient homes for New Zealanders, as well as optimising the return for developers!

This is an exciting opportunity, however the development journey is complex, it must start with clever design and intelligent planning.

Our team at Green Homes are experts, that will guide you every step of the complex property development journey, ensuring the finished project is not just cost effective but very desirable to live in.  We guarantee that your development will be environmentally sensitive and have strong street appeal.

Upcycling land is a key development for Green Homes and is established to help our clients navigate the often-challenging process of re-purposing land. Our process includes;

1. Planning Consultancy

2. Surveying

3. Geotechnical Engineering

4. Architectural & Design Planning

5. Interior Design

6. Quantity Surveying

7. A dedicated Project Manager

So if you’re keen to understand how you can “UPCYCLE YOUR SECTION” and build a secure financial future while also building energy efficient homes give us a call on 0800 33 00 00 or email’re