ISOlate yourself from larger Autumn power bills in an energy efficient home

So what’s ISO 50001 when it’s at home?

Energy efficiency means way more than buying better star rated appliances!

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management Systems, created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). The standard aims to help organisations continually reduce their energy use, and therefore their energy costs and their greenhouse gas emissions. This flows on to you, knowing that your home meets a certain standard of energy efficiency. So how?

Will you actually notice a benefit from a standardised approach to energy efficiency?

In a nutshell your home will be warmer, drier and have lower running costs! Your conscience will also be a bit clearer due to the fact that by building an ISO 50001 energy efficient green home you’ll be responsible for reduced greenhouse gas emissions – and you’ll tread with a lighter carbon footprint.


Did you know that by having an energy efficient home you could save over $30,000 off a 30 year term mortgage? (Conservatively saving an estimate of $50 a month, at 5% interest)

Green Homes New Zealand is the only builder in the country to be compliant with the International Standards Organisation ISO 50001 for Energy Management, for design and construction of energy efficient homes

This unique accreditation is derived not only from a rigorous auditing process relating to effective management of energy, it’s provided by an independent and government accredited organisation.

It allows us at Green Homes New Zealand to promise a degree of quality and service simply not offered by others. If you’re after an energy efficient home you can’t go past us to be lean on energy and keen on quality!


Why did Green Homes NZ become ISO 500001 compliant?

Every builder is required by law to conform to mandatory inspections, however as part of our ISO certification we are also subject to extra scrutiny including: design, site and earth works, floor, leakage and insulation, painting, plumbing, electrical and glazing, water storage, appliances and fixtures and weather seals! So if you’re looking at eco-friendly house plans put Green Homes
NZ on your shortlist!

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting – nothing but the best! Your Green home will be thoroughly audited to ensure every component conforms to strict energy management guidelines.


Why should you care?

Just compare the difference in checks and balances between Green Homes New Zealand’s eco-friendly homes, and everyone else here.


You can save money and the planet!

World energy consumption is on the rise. It has more than doubled in the last 40 years and staggeringly is projected to increase by up to 30% by 2030. Energy production and use accounts for roughly two-thirds of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is a leading cause of climate change. Reducing our energy use is one of the surest ways of lowering greenhouse emissions, thus reducing our impact on the climate, and while sustaining the growth of the world economy.

At the end of the day it also helps the average Kiwi family save cash on their power bills, whether you’re installing solar or have a well-insulated and energy efficient home ‘building green’ is actually easier on the bank account. According to a recent study commissioned by the ClimateWorks Foundation, making energy efficiency a priority will decrease the total costs associated with owning a home.

Call us now to out more or download your free green building guide to help you get started.