Housebound? Well-designed healthy homes are a must in these challenging times

Home is where the health is

Now more than ever having a healthier and more comfortable home is optimal when facing the possibility of self-isolation, spending a couple of weeks virtually housebound will wear pretty thin when living conditions aren’t ideal.

We need warmer, drier, mould free homes that are well insulated to help with overall disease prevention. By incorporating more natural building materials and avoiding paints with low volatile organic compound free paints you can also lessen the assault on your immune system during virulent sickness and seasonal changes, whether now during COVID-19 or during future health events.

A healthy living environment, whole food, good sleep, and stress reduction all go a long way to help keep our immunity in check when exposed to viruses that target susceptible people the most.

Usability and Safety

We need to also consider Universal Home Design principles when planning and building a new home. We can help protect ourselves from contagions in self isolation at home which is of the upmost importance, however please be mindful of the risk of accidents and injuries when spending more time in your house. If we are housebound for a 14 day quarantine period we are much more likely to have slips and falls, all too common in New Zealand households.

Universal Design as advised by Lifemark is all about acknowledging diversity, adaptability and inclusivity in home design. It’s about creating the most usable and functional space for everyone of all ages and stages. From wider doorways and well-lit rooms to non-slip tiles and flush finishings your home presents far less hazards and is much more comfortable to live in.

‘As Safe as Houses’

The Victorian expression ‘as safe as houses’ means ‘secure; with no risk of failure’ and probably doesn’t hold as much water in today’s trying times however having a healthier and safer home still goes a long way, and it really is your oasis in a world of uncertainty. Consider building with health and safety at the forefront of your mind.

If you have an element of work or financial surety, the ultra-low interest rates on offer in combination with building a green have so many positive benefits to consider right now so contact a Design & Build Consultant today to discuss your next energy efficient home project.