Home energy saving tips


Now winter’s nearly at our doorstep do you feel like you’re now having to choose between comfort and your finances? Here are a few key things you can do now it’s getting colder to keep more money in the bank.

  • Check all windows, doors and seals now to ensure there aren’t any leaks.
  • Clean your heat pump filters regularly – it’s estimated that your aircon unit needs to work twice as hard to heat your home if not maintained.
  • Prevent excess moisture generation during winter especially from clothes dryers – the average New Zealand household produces about eight litres of moisture every day from regular activities such as showering and cooking.
  • Shut your curtains just as the sun goes down to help your home retain the heat – especially in rooms you may not heat as often such as your bedroom.


  • Make your heat pump ‘smart’ and consider a groovy gadget that enables you to connect to your aircon system via your mobile. Automated climate react and geolocation features can save on running time and power usage ensuring that your home environment retains your temperature and humidity within your ‘Goldilocks zone’.
  • Assess ageing appliances to make sure they’re not excessively using power, investing in new energy efficient ones will save you more money in the long run.
  • Run your dishwasher at night and hang your washing out in the weekend aiming to use your clothes dryer on rainy days only.