Tips to consider when building your new home

Tips to consider when building your new home

Are you getting ready to build but are not entirely sure on what to look out for? We’ve provided some simple tips below that could help make your build journey less stressful and a really enjoyable experience.

  1. Estimate what you can spend and don’t overstretch your budget.
  2. Always allow for costs that are not outlined in the base price. There can always be unforeseen things that arise e.g. changes you want to make to the home during construction or things that might appear under the soil when the builder is preparing the base.
  3. Before you buy your block of land make sure you check council regulations such as easements, or if the area is prone to natural disasters like floods or fire.
  4. Pick your design and make sure it suits your block. Here at GHNZ we have plans ready for you to build or we can help you customise it to suit.
  5. Understand the local council regulations that apply for the construction of homes. Your builder should have local knowledge of the regulations prior to submitting the consent application.
  6. Find out how long it takes for a consents to be processed and factor this into your build timeline.
  7. Talk to people you know about their building experiences and how they found the whole process. Also ask your builder for customer testimonials to find out their credentials.
  8. If you’re looking at display homes be mindful of quoted prices. Usually they will have a base price and ‘as displayed’ price. You’ll find that display homes have high quality inclusions and finishes that will make it much more expensive to build, even if they’re quoting a lower price for that particular design.
  9. Make sure the design suits what you’re looking for from the start, otherwise it will incur extra costs to change it once construction has begun and some builders aren’t even willing to make any sort of changes to the design once it is finalised.
  10. Arrange site meetings with your builder to keep updated on the progress of your home. However, you should never enter a site without an appointment being made. If you discover issues, then you should address these with your builder as soon as you can.

And finally…

Always ask questions to find out as much you can about building your home. Ask what all your options are and request regular updates just so you have peace of mind that you are kept in the loop and everything is on track. Communication is key and It will make it a more rewarding experience for you and your builder.

These are just a few tips to help you when you’re building your new home but there is so much more that comes into it. If you’re looking to build soon talk to one of our local Green Builders, as they are more than happy to answer any questions you have about building a home.


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