What are your building options?

Do you Knock Down & Rebuild, Subdivide, Renovate or go for a Turnkey? There’s several viable options to consider when building your new energy efficient home but how do you know which will have the best outcome for you, and do you need to go new?! Knock Down & Rebuild A knock down & [...]

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Start warming your home with these tips and insulation inspo

And just like that Autumn’s landed at our doorstep! Alas, daylight savings has come to an end and we’ve just experienced a noticeable temperature drop. So apart from the usual heating solutions what else can we do to keep homes warm and prevent heat loss? Here’s a few hacks whether you have an older abode [...]

2019-04-10T16:30:20+12:00April 10th, 2019|Green Advice, Green News|

There’s New Green on the Taranaki Scene

New to Taranaki is Green Homes New Zealand! Isiah Reynolds is now Managing Director of our Taranaki Franchise, he's a Master Builder and boasts qualifications in Construction, and Project and Business Management. Isiah has really made his mark on some of the regions's most impressive home builds. In 2018 his previous company Pzazz Building [...]

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Green Smart Tech & Universal Design

Green Smart Tech & Universal Design - How They’re Changing Accessibility in Homes According to the New Zealand Disability Survey, one in four citizens live with a disability. This rises as age increases, as well as a great deal of other factors. Due to the universal experience of either living with a disability or knowing someone who [...]

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New Year, New Franchise

We Get out the Welcome Mat for Green Homes Queenstown Green Homes New Zealand is proud to usher in our newest edition to the family. Jamie and Andrew have moved to greener pastures. Andrew Menzies has been building in New Zealand for 15 years originally serving his building time in Scotland.  Andrew has extensive experience [...]

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Eco friendly Christmas ideas

How to Reduce your Christmas Eco-footprint So many of us write Christmas off as being “too commercial” but when it comes down to it most of us still join the masses, taking part in consumerism at its finest! Maybe this year you’ve decided to make a savvy decision to build an eco-friendly home but why [...]

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Building on a Corner vs a Standard Section

So what’s better - a standard or corner site? We’ve heard through the grapevine that  there’s a perception in the market to keep clear of corner sections - phobia or fiction? We’ve laid out the disadvantages and advantages of corner sites for you because you’re going to hear a whole lot of opinions on this [...]

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Green Up Your New Eco-Friendly Home With These Add-Ons

Did you build new on a tight budget and now want to upspec? Want make your new home more environmentally sound? New Zealanders are making exciting environmental changes in the way they choose to run their households. In addition to building eco-friendly homes, it is estimated that 43% of homeowners in the country will have [...]

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Waste not want not

We often hear about green building practices but not so much about the journey undertaken by surplus construction materials. Did you know that Green Homes New Zealand selected their waste management providers based on their ability to sort and separate construction waste to minimise impact on our landfills? We support suppliers who genuinely maximise recycling [...]

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