Going Green Achieves Better Resale on Your New Home

As New Zealander’s knowledge of the benefits of building green grows and becomes more mainstream, so will the expectations affecting the decision-making process when buying. 1. Overseas research has shown that in a competitive market, green homes have proven to sell not only faster but for more money. 2. Demand for healthier, sustainable homes [...]

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5 Essentials for Creating a Healthier Green Home

Scientific studies both here in New Zealand and overseas have linked poor housing design and construction to bad health. Cold, damp, mouldy and draughty homes make us sick, causing anything from coughs and colds, to asthma, respiratory infections and even cardiovascular disease and rheumatic fever. Quite simply, if you build a Green home that is [...]

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5 Top Reasons to Build Green

5 TOP REASONS TO BUILD GREEN. Building a new home? Going green is a no-brainer when you consider the many well-researched benefits it brings. 1. Reduced Costs By providing more energy-efficient insulation, water heaters, lighting and appliances, a green home typically saves on operating costs. Plus it reduces the overall life-time cost of maintaining [...]

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A Buyer’s Guide to Heating

A Buyer’s Guide to Heating Here are some top tips to choosing your new home heating system to keep warm this winter!  Find out the size of the area you wish to heat and whether you have a preference for a style of heating, for example, radiant vs. convection. Always have energy efficiency top of mind. [...]

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Tips to consider when building your new home

Tips to consider when building your new homeAre you getting ready to build but are not entirely sure on what to look out for? We've provided some simple tips below that could help make your build journey less stressful and a really enjoyable experience.Estimate what you can spend and don't overstretch your budget.Always allow for costs that [...]

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